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The innovAID - inspired project

Welcome to the innovAId

Welcome to the innovAId: a project devoted to advancement of the AI-empowered innovations in digital healthtech. This website is aimed at supporting the process of development of innovative solutions to improve the patients treatment.


This website serves as a digital testbed entry point which guides innovation ideas from staff and students through the different phases of the innovation funnel.


Here you can find a collection of educational materials to learn how to develop and deploy AI models, a library of databases with medical data for machine learning. Also, we have an innovation partner Innovation Ecosystem "Sikorsky Challenge Ukraine" which supports you in establishing the startup project.


Our collaborators and partners are ready to work together on the implementation of AI solutions for healthcare, from domain expertise in consulting to clinical evaluation support.

Educational resources

Here you can find a collection of educational resources, useful for mastering the implementation and application of AI and machine learning for healthtech.

Open access medical databases

For biomedical research, medicine, and healthcare there are a couple of outstanding academic databases that provide true value in your daily research.

PhysioNet Databases

Here you can find an alphabetical list of all the databases on PhysioNet.

▶ To search content on PhysioNet use search page.


We have a list of partner institutions ready to collaborate on development of AI tools for healthcare. If you are interested in being listed as a partner, or need support for your research - please contact us.

The State Institution

Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute

Military hospital

Main Military Clinical Hospital

Kyiv municipal clinical hospital


The largest AI community in Ukraine



Building a startup

If you already have an idea in the field of AI in digital healthtech and want to turn it into your own business but need help knowing where to start, we will help you bring your dream to life.

The Digital Health Testbed closely collaborates with the All-Ukrainian Innovation Ecosystem "Sikorsky Challenge Ukraine" (SCU).

SCU is an open innovation ecosystem that unites institutions interested in developing the Ukrainian innovation economy: universities, research institutions, state authorities, local authorities, business companies, funds and NGOs, international representations, and foreign partner organizations.

The free Startup School Sikorsky Challenge operates based on the Ecosystem.

The Startup School is the first step of knowledge and skills, providing an environment where creative individuals receive not only theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the creation of innovative technology startups but also the conditions for implementing their ideas into a functional business.

The Startup School operates throughout the year. To register for the training, you must fill out an application form on the website. After that, the managers of the Startup School will contact you and provide information about the start date of the training.

The preparation based on SCU methodologies consists of 4 stages.

Stage 1. Training:

  • Learn all about startups and take the first steps in building a startup
  • Dive into the psychological aspects of team collaboration
  • Validate your business idea hypotheses with potential customers.
  • Develop and shape the financial business model
  • Formulate the vision of your business product or service prototype
  • Understand how to position your project on the internet and learn effective promotion strategies
  • Create pitch decks and prepare for pitching startup projects to investors, business angels, and venture capital representatives

Stage 2. Incubation:

  • Preparing the startup project for investment
  • Mentoring the team by Ecosystem professionals

Stage 3. Participation of selected teams in local startup competitions:

  • This takes place in the format of a pitch day, either in-person or online.
  • It concludes with registering the winning startups on the SCU website and submitting an application to participate in the International Sikorsky Challenge Festival.

Stage 4. Acceleration of startup projects according to the needs of investors:

  • Refining the startup project to meet the requirements and needs of investors.

However, the work doesn't end there. Successful startup projects enter the portfolio of the ecosystem, where interested investors can continue to learn about the teams and invite them for pitching, investing and further collaboration. The ecosystem mentors provide guidance and support at every stage of your business's development and implementation. This makes your business competitive, successful, and capable of easily overcoming market entry barriers and scaling up.

Let's turn an idea into a real business together!

Supported startup projects


EOG based eye tracker

EOGView is a technology-based project focused on developing an eye tracking system using Electrooculography (EOG). EOG signals are generated by the movement of the eyes, and EOGView aims to capture and analyze these signals to accurately track eye movements.

The innovation in EOGView lies in its approach to eye tracking using EOG signals. By focusing on EOG, the project aims to provide a non-intrusive, cost-effective, less resource-intensive, secure, and versatile solution for eye tracking and health tracking.



Revolutionizing virus detection with advanced nanobiosensors

NanoSpace is advancing a unique technology that merges molecularly imprinted polymers and aptamers with Carbon nanotube sensors, and a microfluidic platform for rapid, accurate virome detection.

Simultaneously, we're developing artificial intelligence software to analyze the virome data, aiming to predict potential gut diseases. This approach is set to redefine the landscape of medical diagnostics and prevention.


Our Team

Anton Popov

biomedical signal analysis, computer vision, machine learning, deep learning

Kateryna Ivanko

biomedical signal analysis, biomedical signal processing, machine learning

Yevgeniy Karplyuk

biomedical signals acquisition, system design, biomedical signal analysis, patient monitoring, distributed systems, embedded systems

Hanna Porieva

biomedical signal analysis, machine learning

Serhii Serhiienko

accelerating and mentoring early-stage startups, ideas to market, project management, validation process, business plans, building marketing strategies

Iaroslav Lavrenko

design of a mechanical system, dynamics of movement and strength of bodies, natural frequencies and modes of oscillations

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